370ml Sapun lichid Geneva Green cu dispenser Inox

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Dispensere ecologice.
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Dispenserele ecologice sunt certificate Ecocert Organic si reciclabile in totalitate, realizate din ingrediente organice active precum aloe vera, ceai negru, unt de shea, pentru starea de bine si relaxarea oaspetilor.

•    Dermatologically Tested
•    Vegan Friendly
•    Nickel Tested <0,0001%
•    No Alcohol, Petrolatum and EDTA

  • Bottles and caps are made from recycled plastic (except for the dispenser cap), and these can all be recycled again after use. This creates a ‘circular design approach’ which means nothing needs to go to waste.
  • A clear ‘please recycle!’ message is visibly marked on the bottles and packaging
  • Labels are specially designed to be easily separated from the bottles in the recycling process
  • Soap wrapping is made from 100% recyclable paper
  • All packaging for the Geneva Green products have a carbon neutral footprint
  • Most formulas are Vegan friendly and all have been dermatologically tested

Ghid de instalare (Surub) https://www.gflamenities.com/media/4051/sfu_s_installation_guide.pdf




Inox singur dispencer  fara liquid Europe

Germania  135.43 Leu  https://www.hotelwaescheangebot.de/seifenspender-halterung

Germania  177.95 Leu  https://asc-hotelkosmetik.de/spendersystem/einzelhalterung-edelstahl-fuer-spender-flr400-flr500


Italia  182.90 Leu         https://www.lineacortesia.it/prodotto/staffa-singola-per-dispenser/

Italia  173.69 https://higienaverslui.lt/en/prija-cosmetics/238–prija-stainless-steel-dispenser-bracket

 Polania  195.58 Leu   https://www.drogeriazagraniczna.pl/kosmetyki-hotelowe-ekskluzywne/1849-pojedynczy-wspornik-do-kosmetykow-prija-przykrecany-do-sciany-prija-1-szt.html

Spania   278.98 Leu    https://www.jabonester.net/es/menu-principal/shop-online/prija/flr400spr-dispenser-380ml-champu-prija







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